"It is impossible to spend any length of time with Anna without experiencing change; physical, emotional, spiritual. Expect change and you will be impressed with the results. You can expect to grow, learn more about yourself, learn more about how to manifest who you want to be and what you want in your life, and most importantly you can expect to be inspired to be your most brilliant and most divine self. Anna has been an important catalyst in my life and has really helped to gently nudge me onto the right path. She has been an incredible resource for me and has made so many recommendations that have forever changed me. She continues to inspire, teach, motivate and encourage everyone around her and we are continually blessed. Knowing Anna is not only a wonderful experience, it is a journey that I hope you will choose to embark on!"

Susanne Morra

"My experience with Anna has been wonderful, and nothing short of incredible. After living with the difficult effects of a urethral stricture for 20 years and undergoing many surgeries, after a month of treatment with Anna my incurable condition has gone from needing emergency surgery, to completely disappearing. To say that I am shocked would be an understatement. I wish I had known about this sooner. I look forward to working with Anna."

Brad Hall

"I felt incredibly at ease in Anna’s presence and in confiding to her of my concerns. She exhibited a very down-to-earth and nurturing quality about her; and her approach was unique and insightful. Anna assisted me in achieving my goals. It is wonderful to have met someone so wholly devoted to their practice and to the cultivation of alternative medicines and techniques! Thank you, Anna!"

Aurora King

"When I first saw Anna many years ago I was not in a good place physically, mentally or emotionally. Without any hint of judgment, she gently took me on a journey back in time from my earliest childhood memories up until the present day. She enabled me with many practical tools to use to continuously better myself. Today I could not be happier in my own skin. While I did a lot of this work myself, I can never forget the foundation Anna helped me rebuild which provided the momentum to get the ball rolling."

John Vella

"Anna has inspired me to be my best and has provided a clear example of what following one's dreams looks like. I admire her passion, her tenacity, and her skill in running a successful business in the Health & Wellness Industry. Whatever Anna puts her mind to she succeeds at. I appreciate having someone like her in my life to constantly remind me of what's possible when I pursue my dreams. Her success is a constant source of inspiration and I consider it a blessing to have her constant love and support in my life."

Amanda Burke

"For five months in 2007 I lived with severe eczema on my neck, chest, arms and legs. I tried several intense ointments prescribed by my family doctor and even Chinese medicine, with minimal relief and consistent recurrence. The eczema kept spreading and causing increasing discomfort before I finally went to Anna for a cure. Anna had been recommended to my wife, and, although I had never seen a Holistic practitioner before, I was desperate for a cure. Within one week the eczema disappeared completely, thank you so much!"

Eduardo Hernandez

"Anna is a caring, resourceful and multifaceted practitioner whose competence extends well beyond the realm of homeopathy. She draws from a variety of approaches and techniques and offers a wealth of inspirational, practical advice. The time spent in her practice is a time of self-reflection and serenity and I would highly recommend her services. Thank you for your help and I look forward to our next session!"

Stephanie Black

"Anna is an incredible Homeopathic Doctor and human being. She really spent the time on me, digging into the source of where my anxiety was coming from. I received the perfect remedies and advice from her at the right timing. I now feel fantastic and grounded and I really could not have done it without her."

Mo Zabian

"Thank you so much, Anna! You offer so much more than simple homeopathy! I loved learning the vision training exercises and have been using them daily, and can feel the improvement in my eyes. I found the TFT technique simple, yet powerful for removing emotional blocks and getting to the roots of sabotaging behaviours, and see the difference in my daily choices. I am looking forward to my next session!"

Linda Eales

"Carpal Tunnel No More! By the time I booked an appointment with Anna, my carpal tunnel was causing extreme pain. No matter how much I'd rested my hand, used a therapy glove and wrist support, along with a special computer mouse, nothing helped. With my science background I've always been skeptical of holistic medicine, but the thought of surgery scared me so I was willing to try anything -- and am I ever glad I did! Much to my surprise, within two days of taking the remedy Anna gave me, the discomfort had almost disappeared. And within a week, it was as if I'd never even had carpal tunnel - truly remarkable! Needless to say, I am so thankful -- and Anna's enthusiasm and patience in answering all of my questions was also gratefully appreciated. Thanks again, Anna!"

Adrienne A.

"Going to Anna helped me not only with the obvious physical (constipation) but with the emotionally (anxiety) cause of constipation. One example, at work I always felt stressed as I did not speak up for myself and felt it would be in the wrong. I did not realize that attitude sends off a negative aura. Now I speak up, I am more respected and I am not as stressed anymore. I would recommend Anna to anyone. She is very professional and caring. She believes in what she does and this gives one confidence that they are in good hands."

June Silva

"Ever since I got back to Canada after 2 years of traveling in South America I started feeling anxious and experiencing frequent panic attacks. They were random and pretty scary. They were crippling me from functioning in my life. I decided to talk to Anna and see if Homeopathy could be effective in this matter. Anna gave me a homeopathic remedy to take when I felt them coming on, which I did, and it worked really well. So much so, that I no longer suffer from anxiety! I feel great and free to live my life."

Dawn Barrat

"Anna, you affected and continue affecting my life in a positive way! You are always an inspiration to look up to, your motivation knows no boundaries, you are gentle and attentive. You are extremely knowledgeable, so any time I have a question about my health or some else's you are the first person who pops up in my head and I reach out to. You are always positive and very level-headed, keeping your eyes on the bigger picture, yet having an awareness on things to be done at hand in order to bring yourself closer to the goal. You practice what you preach - that's commitment and loyalty! Way back when you gave me hope to treat my skin condition with natural remedies as a posed to old way that was not very healthy and did not bring much desirable change. Your confidence is inspiring. I see you as a rock that is able to withstand any pressure or force of the elements(people."

Ruta Volkovskis

"You are a great inspiration to everyone you meet. I especially have a deeper insight into your life since I have known you since you were a student. Through determination, through seeking a life of service to others, through hard and very difficult times of lack of support emotionally and financially, you conquered the adversities, stayed true to your vision and have emerged a powerhouse of integrity, fortitude and success. Yet, despite your great gains, you have maintained your kind, compassionate and humble personality. You have impacted my life as inspiration to persevere and to know that anyone can achieve their dream/vision as long as they set their goals and do not let others or circumstances hinder or deter them."

Emilia Franc

"Anna, you've guided me to a greater understanding and appreciation of my mental and physical being. You have reminded, shown and given examples of how our thoughts, associations and choices create a healthy, body, mind and spirit or not. That every individual is always held accountable and responsible for everything that occurs in their life. I am very grateful for this gift from you."

Ingrid Jones

"Anna practices what she preaches.When you see her, you see health. She takes her practice to heart and she is always there to give you information that will help you. I highly recommend her, she will definitely elevate your life-style."

S. Piacentini

"My first appointment with Anna was a panicked response to a failed solution from my GP. I had a wild rash all over my upper body several weeks before my wedding! Not only did I get my resolution within the next few days, I have found an endless source of diverse information and encouragement to live in a happy and healthy state. I truly look forward to our monthly consults and walk away with new insights for further improving my quality of life, every time. There is no judgement in Anna’s care and for the first time I feel that I have found a medical practitioner that does the art proud. "

Jasmine D.

"Anna Sienicka is a joy and an inspiration to be around. Her heart-centred nature was obvious from the moment we met her. Anna's knowledge and compassion runs deep. In both cases she connected with her audience appropriately. She was not simply a guide but a true teacher. It was obvious that her goal was not just to guide us and show off her own knowledge but to help US learn. She kept us engaged, she challenged and tested our learning with effective repetition and she provided us with handouts to remind us of what we had learned. She was organized and thorough. With the children, she easily captured their hearts and their curiosity. She was very successful in establishing reasonable yet challenging learning goals and achieving them! She made the experience exciting and joyful. She brought the children closer to nature and inspired them all to look at the plant kingdom in a new light. I am grateful for the experiences and look forward to more. That says a lot!"

Jodi Bresgi

"You are very inspired and driven yet very humble which allows for great honest communication. You have inspired me on many levels and you have always been supportive in my life, whether business or personal issues. I know that you are always sincere and good hearted, and that you do your best in whatever you take on. Your positive impact on my life has come as a friend, a sister, a colleague and a teacher."

A. Tarnawska